Sasha Kitaeva
If you could go back in time, what era would you travel to?
To be honest, I love questions about time traveling and we discuss it with my friends pretty often. And it kinda changes from time to time , so it’s really hard for me to choose only one period. But I can for sure say that I would want to go to ancient Egypt and see how the Pyramids were build. I can’t even imagine, how people could create something like this back in ancient times. Seeing Pyramids is also in my bucket list, so I could kill two birds with one stone.
What do you love about modeling/the fashion industry?
There are many things that I like about modeling but if I had to shorten it to few things, I would say it’s all the amazing and talented people that you get to meet and work with, as well as the opportunity to be different and see yourself from new perspectives, through the eyes of other people. Not to mention traveling, which lets you to see the world, get to know various cultures and broaden your own horizons.
Alexandra is 178 CM tall, wears a size 36 and 39-40 shoe.
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What are your favorite sports?
I am keen on sports and can’t imagine my life without different activities. So, as a kid I used to play volleyball and really enjoyed it. Despite the fact that it’s such an entertaining team sport, not many people like it. I really wish more people would play it. 
Furthermore, I really love yoga. It has become my actual hobby, I feel so relaxed but active at the same time. During a yoga class you can actually find your inner peace and it helps me to get to know myself better. Besides yoga, I’ve recently started taking ballet classes and really enjoy it so far! It is a very beautiful and elegant dance which strengthens you at the same time and improves your posture. 

What is your favorite food?
Food questions are my favorite :) I am a foodie, so I always try new recipes, love cooking at home and going to different restaurants. It’s a luck Berlin has so many international cuisines and I get to try them all. So my favorite food is pasta Bolognese, there are times when I am lazy to cook and I can have pasta every day, I never get tired of it. In general, my favorite cuisine is Italian. But I also love Georgian and Persian food, it’s unique and super delicious. 
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