The fashion industry can sometimes be a scary and overwhelming place. We provide the coaching and support that young talents need, to grow an exciting, safe, and healthy career as a model. 

BMM takes a values-based approach, weaving these values into each movement and decision made. (Read more about these below!)

The agency was founded in 2019 by former Canadian make-up artist Carmen Weigel. BMM is based in Berlin, Germany and represents talents from across Northern Europe. 
From understanding personal boundaries and consent, to maintaining mind-body and work-life balance. We empower our models to feel prepared, strong and confident in their role. 
Open communication
We value an open feedback environment, going in both directions between model and manager. We really want to hear, when we can do better. No agreements or contracts are made without the model's consent - the model will always be involved and educated as much as possible, every step of the way.
Career Sustainability
Prioritizing long-term career success over short-term burnout.
Challenge the standard
A model is not only a beautiful person, they are also a unique individual with talent and passion to share with the world. BMM is always looking beyond background, measurements and body type to find true role models - and challenge what the role of a 'model' really means. 
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