If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
OH MY!  I have a lot of advice for little Lea.
But the most important thing is to remember, “If a door closes, keep it closed.  There is always an open window around the corner.”
When I got a hip fracture during a Modern Pentathlon competition in 2017, my whole world shattered.  I lost everything I worked for, all my dreams and the reason I was who I am in just a second.  I didn't know what to do with life or the future.  I've tried very hard to reopen the door to competitive sports and championships.  But I realized that that period of my life was over.  I floated in the bubble of the unknown for some time.  Till A small window was opened by Carmen. It was the window on how I got into modeling.  A whole new world that gave and still gives me hope and joy.
It was the window that saved me from living in the past. With modeling I was able to create a new future with new dreams and wishes.
To sum it up a little faster: Little Lea!  Never give up!  You are strong and life goes on!  And sometimes it just gets better!
What do you study?
 I'm studying Middle East/Islamic Studies and Politics.  And I'm learning Arabic and Turkish.
What is your favorite sport?
I do fencing and I love it.  It's such a dynamic, fast and mental sport.  But I also play golf.  Not really good, but it's always a great event with my family.
Lea is 178cm tall, wears a size 34-36 and a 41 shoe.
Follow her on Instagram @lea.wnklrr
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