What is your hidden talent?
I think my hidden talent is singing, even though it’s not really hidden since I’ve had several small performances and sometimes post videos of it on my instagram. I’ve been singing since I was in 5th grade and some years ago I’ve even participated in a casting show. In the future I’d really love to do some more music related projects.
What is your favorite sport?
My favorite sport is definitely riding. I’ve been riding since I was little, because my mum always took me to the barn with her. We have our own horse back home in Bavaria, his name is Rusty. He’s the cutest and I’ve even had some photoshoots with him, so he’s kind of a model himself! I really miss him here in Berlin but I’m always looking forward to see him whenever I’m visiting home.
If money were no object, what would your dream holiday be?
My dream holiday definitely is New York City, especially during Christmas time. I’ve never been there before so I only know it from pictures and TV shows but I think it’s really fascinating with its tall skyscrapers and big variety of different cultures.
Annika is 178 cm tall, wears size 34-36 and a 40 shoe
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