Diana Kyzekova
Describe yourself in a single sentence.
I would say that I am a little crazy and always ready for an adventure but on the other hand I also can solve difficult life situations quickly with a clear and calm mind. Additionally, I always try to be the best version of myself, be kind and always do everything in my power to make my friends and family happy.
What one person could you not go a day without?
My mother. She is my best friend and the one person that is always around when I need her. There are no words in this world that describe how important she is to me. 
Who inspires you? 
I’m religious, that’s why Jesus is a big inspiration for me! I always try to think about his words, deeds and life and try to be more like him. Another person is my grandma. She is a wise, strong woman, who is respected by many people. She is very giving and kind-hearted.
Diana is 175 CM tall, wears a size 34-36 and 39 shoe.
Follow her on Instagram @dianakyzekova
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