Diana Kyzekova
Describe yourself in a single sentence.
I would say that I am a little crazy and always ready for an adventure but on the other hand I also can solve difficult life situations quickly with a clear and calm mind. Additionally, I always try to be the best version of myself, be kind and always do everything in my power to make my friends and family happy.
What one thing/person could you not go a day without?
My mother. She is my best friend and the one person that is always around when I need her. There are no words in this world that describe how important she is to me. 
Who inspires you? (and why)
I’m religious, that’s why Jesus is a big inspiration for me! I always try to think about his words, deeds and life and try to be more like him. Another person is my grandma. She is a wise, strong woman, who is respected by many people. She is very giving and kind-hearted.
Diana is 175 CM tall, wears a size 34-36 and 39 shoe.
Follow her on Instagram @dianakyzekova
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